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Utility Patents


A utility patent covers a new, useful and nonobvious process, machine, manufacure, or composition of matter.

Design Patents


A design patent covers an ornamental design of a functional item.

Plant Patents


A plant patent covers a distinct and new variety of a plant.

Trade Secrets


A trade secret is information that has been maintained in secrecy and derives independent value from not being generally known or readily ascertainable by others.



When you or your company have developed a valuable technological solution to a problem or a valuable way to achieve greater productivity or results, you need an experienced patent attorney to help you protect this value.  Often the best protection for your technology is to obtain a utility patent.  A high quality application for a utility patent can be prepared by a patent attorney working in close cooperation with the inventors and possessing both technical knowledge and patent prosecution experience.  A patent application is a technical disclosure that must thoroughly and understandably describe your invention, but it is also a legal document that defines the scope of protection that may be granted to you.  You should only entrust your patent application to a patent attorney with a proven track record. 


Your chosen patent attorney should also have the experience and integrity to give you sound advice and honest insight regarding your valuable technology.  Your chosen patent attorney should discuss the advantages and disadvantages of filing a utility patent application and may even help you reach a decision against filing a utility patent application in certain circumstances, such as when your technology may be better protected as a trade secret.  Furthermore, your chosen patent attorney should work diligently to meet agreed upon deadlines that facilitate your busy schedule and business objectives. 


At Streets Lawfirm, we have a proven combination of knowledge, experience, integrity and diligence to guide you toward an appropriate and cost-effective strategy to protect your most valuable proprietary technology.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your company.

Patent Prosecution in Electrical, Computer Hardware and Software, Chemistry and Mechanical Technologies


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Jeff has 28 years of experience focused solely on helping inventors and their companies patent their most valuable technological developments.  Over his career, Jeff has guided numerous clients through the process of preparing and filing patent applications and then diligently advocated the patentability of their inventions before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. He works closely with his clients to secure patents in such diverse technologies as computer systems, chemical and electrochemical processes, oil field tools and processes, novel chemical formulations and compositions, and a wide variety of mechanical devices.

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To review U.S. patents that Jeff has prosecuted to issuance, you may access a representative list at this link to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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