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I care about people and their success. Because many inventors have no previous experience with the US patent system, they need someone to guide them through the process and explain the reasoning behind each procedure and the considerations for each decision. 

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I'm naturally curious about each invention and motivated to find the best way to describe them and their embodiments. These qualities keep me focused on the patent application until it meets the requirements set by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

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There are a lot of rules to be followed when preparing a patent application and throughout each procedural stage of prosecuting a patent application. My 30 years as a registered patent attorney allow me to help my clients avoid delays and costly mistakes.

Jeff Streets

Houston, Texas
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Jeff Streets

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Before becoming an attorney, I worked as an engineer at Dow Chemical for four years. That's when I became captivated by the concept of protecting your investment in research and development by obtaining patents. So I returned to law school, passed the Texas bar, and then passed the US Patent Office registration exam to become a registered patent attorney. For the past 30 years, I've been leading people through the patent application process. Offering a combination of legal and technical skills, I serve inventors across the United States. And my work doesn't stop at filing patent applications. It extends to handling the prosecution of those patent applications, filing related patent applications, and more.

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Learn How Patents Can Protect Your Inventions

I believe that every patent application should be prepared in a manner that gives the invention every opportunity to be granted a patent. I also understand that your innovation is more than just an idea—it's the catalyst for your success. While a patent agent can assist you in filing and prosecuting patent applications, a patent attorney has legal training and can provide legal advice. I can provide legal counsel on a range of issues, such as patentability, patent infringement, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights and confidentiality agreements. Contact my Houston firm today to schedule a meeting and learn more.

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US Patent 10,016,696 B2 was issued on July 10, 2018, to a proud Theater Technology teacher. 

Patent Success Story

A parent of a high school theater student asked whether I would speak with the Theater Technology teacher about patenting a device that the teacher had invented for making backdrops for theater productions, such as musicals.  The device is referred to as a paint frame.  Of course, paint frames are generally well-known devices.  However, the paint frame invented by the Theater Technology teacher was unique in its modularity and lightweight, yet rigid, construction.  Working closely with the teacher/inventor, we developed a complete technical disclosure of the modular paint frame and a detailed description of how to make and use the paint frame. 

The detailed description supported patent claims directed to the paint frame itself in an assembled configuration and to a kit of components that a third party could use to assemble a paint frame on-site in a theater.  The emphasis on claims directed to a kit of components reflected the reality that these paint frames are so large that no competitor would ever sell one in an assembled configuration, but rather would sell a kit of components along with a set of instructions for assembling the paint frame. 

Working with the Patent Examiner assigned to the patent application, it was determined that the paint frame was patentable due to the way the paint frame components could be assembled and used in cooperation with a wire rope for suspending, raising, and lowering the paint frame toward the back of the stage.  This was viewed as an essential feature for a paint frame used in a theater production and distinguished the paint frame from prior art paint frames. 

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In a world where intellectual property rights are increasingly critical, protecting your inventions, designs, and discoveries is paramount. I understand that patent prosecution is a unique and complex process, so I am very responsive to questions from my clients at any stage. 

If you're working on further developing an invention or commercializing a product based on it, then there are additional options and considerations that you should be aware of such as filing continuation-in-part applications to cover new embodiments of the invention. No matter your situation or location, I can help. Contact me at Streets Law Firm in Cypress, Texas, to set up a time to talk. I serve clients throughout Houston and the United States.